Hopes Fulfilled

To say the theme for my year has been “Hopes Fulfilled” is an understatement. In 2018 alone, sooo many things I’ve prayed for (some for days, some for months, and some for 10+ years) happened. I had a woe is me moment on 2 things I’ve been praying about for years, then I was gently reminded in my spirit to look up & see ALL that God has done! 

Since January I’ve: started becoming a hugger 😬 [slowly], coached high school track for the first time after waiting 8+ years for the opportunity, started a blog, allowed someone to teach me how to swim (I do need more lessons… after I get past the whole my hair getting wet thing 😏), worked with a dermatologist for my outer body, learned more about my inner body by working with a nutritionist (Be Nutrition Co), and welcomed healing for my soul by sitting with a Christian therapist 3-4 times a month (all without insurance 😅)… became a vegetarian & started buying/cooking organic, traveled back to Israel, rode an animal, discovered the EXACT program I want to go back to school for, had a job with full health benefits that allowed me to set my own schedule, two times anointed, gained a backbone, lost weight, grew my library (bigger bookcase coming soon), organized & taught a life changing women’s event, found a home for Aphesis & part of its vision became Reality, gained a treasured community, grew in love, healed in ways I didn’t know I needed, officially paid off $20,000 in credit card debt, grew in faith, walked by faith, spoke up in faith, stayed silent in faith, grew in hope, cried tears of joy, and watched God mercifully fight for me & defend me in mouth dropping ways… just to name SOME!

Granted, there were times when I was scared & didn’t understand what was happening (still really don’t). I hit a parked car, my finances crashed in the summer, and I was retested in some areas I thought I was done with. I visited 3 people in the ER/ICU, and attended my 32 year old cousin’s funeral this year too. I had times when I wanted to give up & throw in the towel, and God whispered “keep going I (He) got this. I have you & I’m working on your behalf. Keep your eyes on me & not what you see.” Then I had times when I wanted to hold on, and He again whispered “it’s time to let go. Do it now. Things are happening as a direct consequence of your disobedience.” There were times I wept in despair (for up to 4 hours straight). 😭 There were times I thought I would cry, but tears never came (Like, I was sitting there going “I just got a no to something I’ve been praying about. Why am I not sad or devastated by this?” 🤷🏾‍♀️😏). Then there were so many times I laughed… laughed harder than I had in years, with uncontrollable snorts. 😆 God! Who am I that you are so mindful of me? 2018 has definitely been a full/filled year!! My cup runneth over! 💙 #hopesfulfilled

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