America, We Are Not Free

How is this the greatest country in the world when you’re more likely to be killed by a complete stranger here than in any other country?

For so long, we’ve been fed the lie that Middle Eastern, African, Asian, and South American countries are barbaric, dangerous, uncivilized, backwards, and whatever other derogatory term people in this country use to make themselves feel better. BUT in other countries, people know what rules to abide by to survive. If I keep my beliefs and disagreements private, I have peace of mind and can stay under the radar. BUT people will respond by saying, “that’s not freedom.” And this is? What are the rules to stay safe in this country? What?!! You can mind your business, follow all the rules of the land, and still get gunned down… just because of what? Feelings and rights?! How is this any different from someone strapping on a device and blowing people up in those other countries we are taught to fear so much?

Then what is freedom? The ability to say what you want here still doesn’t keep you free from the consequences. The ability to hoard money, guns, houses, still doesn’t free you from problems or harm. Someone in a conversation last night said, but the healthcare in those countries aren’t much better. And the bankruptcy from the healthcare here is? Exactly what rights are we holding so tightly to? The right to die with as much tension and angst as possible? That one day if we support the right people, we too can be billionaires? I’m pretty sure being a billionaire doesn’t save you from hypertension, death, divorce, and your children hating you.

So for the sake of this delusion America calls “freedom,” we sacrifice people on the altar of violence and greed.

For the sake of “freedom”, we continue to be terrorized, not by those scary people in those “uncivilized” countries that are trying to come here to harm us, but terrorized from within… terrorized from the people who are free to cause irreversible harm.

This country does not need more God… this country does not need more prayers… this country does not need more thoughts. As an ethics author pointed out, it’s hypocritical to keep praying and pointing to God for something we’ve already been given the ability to correct. God has already answered, time & time again. America just doesn’t like the answer… because the god of individualism, the god of money, the god of guns, the god of “freedom,” the god of the “American dream” will not relinquish its throne and grasp on its willing slaves.

This past decade, more specifically the last 2 years, have uncovered more and more that this is not the greatest country in the world as we’ve falsely believed. (There is no greatest country in the world.) Freedom is an illusion in this country, and so is safety. And these problems will never be fixed without the acknowledgement that there is actually something wrong. Healing, restoration, repair cannot come without the confession of not being ok. But the more America waves the banner of strength & pride, the closer it gets to its eventual breaking point.

This isn’t freedom!

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