Live! Live Now!!

This week, I had (and still experiencing) an in your face reminder of how fragile life is. We literally can’t take anything or anyone for granted. I’ve always tried to encourage people to not wait until xyz before they live out the very specific purpose God placed in them.... stop waiting till you get enough... Continue Reading →

“Your Skin is too Dark”

#whatblackpanthermeanstome Our skin may be dark but our skin is lovely... Ladies, your lips may be full, and your hair might be tightly curled, but your presence can make a man freeze like an antelope in headlights. Your quiet strength can calm the rage of a rhinoceros. To my dark skin brothers & sisters (regardless... Continue Reading →

Know Your Body

Before I share this long story, please know that I am not bashing on doctors or prescription medicine.... Most people don't know, but for the past 14-15 years, I've struggled with a condition that had me in chronic pain. There were times in high school when I was hospitalized. Doctors did every test possible &... Continue Reading →

Resist Conformity

• Why do we assume that those who kneel in protest aren't kneeling in front of the cross? • Have you actually looked up the entire/original lyrics to the star spangled banner? • Why do we assume that the more money a person makes, the quieter they should be? • Why are you so bothered... Continue Reading →

Face the Pain

I’m thinking about the time I completed my 2nd marathon. People have asked me over the years why I would do something so crazy, and I never really gave an answer. The answer? Well, I wanted to prove to myself that my mind was stronger than I believed. I was a decent track athlete &... Continue Reading →

Typical Millennial

I had a 40 minute conversation with a complete stranger a few months ago that's been popping back in my mind for the past 3 weeks. I don't know why, so I'm going to share it... A guy in his 40s, who I've never seen or met before, started a conversation with me. He seemed... Continue Reading →

Levels of Patience

These past few years have taught me that there may be levels to patience. The adjective definition of patient is "the ability to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious." I used to think I was a patient person; some people even described me that way. Then I started going... Continue Reading →

Joy in Sorrow

2016 taught me some trying & painful lessons. In all that, I also learned that joy can coexist with sorrow & suffering. Joy doesn't come from the absence of sorrow, but from the presence of God. Joy is what provides hope in the midst of the storm. The Joy of the Lord is & has... Continue Reading →

A New Decade

Today marks a new decade for me!🎈🎂 And yes, I'm turning 30 not 40 (it doesn't help that I hang out with people born in the 70s lol). Before I go deep on y'all, don't worry, I'm still the same Jamba Juice & pizza loving, accent imitating, awkward noise making, dancing & roller coaster loving... Continue Reading →

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