Covid Observations

Many of you don’t know this, but I have now known 10 people who have or had covid, including 7 people close to me that got it 2 weeks ago. I have seen and learned a lot these past few weeks, and wanted to share some things.

Almost 160,000 people in the United States alone have died from the virus in the last 5 months, and over 700,000 people worldwide have died, yet people still think it’s not a big deal. Many people talk about the survival rate being 99%, but I’ve now learned from being in close proximity to those affected that no one’s talking about the long term effects of actually “surviving” covid. Fragility, entitlement, and pride use statistics to argue against a person’s experience, forgetting that people are not merely numbers. Those in the 1% are real human beings with loved ones. Compassion seeks to listen, learn, and understand; or acknowledge that even though it may be impossible to ever fully understand, the experiences of people are indisputable.If you don’t believe in masks and distancing, maybe you should get in closer proximity to those who suffer and learn from their stories.

The virus is HIGHLY contagious, and I’ve never seen anything spread so easily and quickly. People are more likely to let their guard down among family and close friends, but 1 person can have it and spread it to dozens of people who are close to them. This isn’t a virus that once you catch it and “heal”, you’re in the clear and back to normal. There are lifelong physical effects, as well as the mental effects of surviving an incurable virus. It invades every area of the body. One day symptoms are mild, next day your body is in full blown revolt – extreme fatigue that makes it hard to even get out of bed (let alone do anything else), inability to inhale or exhale, stomach pains & food not staying down (throwing up or diarrhea), memory loss or fog, asthma attacks, severe hair loss, rashes – and these are some of the effects AFTER the virus leaves the body.

A close person currently experiencing covid described the virus as “roaming to and fro the earth looking for who to devour.” It’s vicious and has no mercy on the body. I’ve seen people with healthy habits and immune systems fight for their lives, and I’ve seen old people with a ton of health issues have only mild symptoms. This thing is unbelievable and unpredictable.

I also want to share what I’ve seen about why the virus keeps spreading (at least in this country). Many of us already know that individualism is wreaking havoc with people refusing to wear masks and distance. But another thing many don’t know is that people who get covid are not required to retest and wait for a negative test before heading back into common areas. Meaning, people get covid, get sick, and are told that as long as they are symptom free for 3 DAYS, they’re good to go. Mind you, many people have reported being symptom free, heading out to stores, churches, restaurants, beaches, only to start feeling symptoms again, and when retested find out they are still positive with the virus… but they just spread it everywhere because they were feeling “fine”. People who have tested positive have also been told by their boss that they are fine to return to work. And, not everyone who tests positive tells people before they start meeting with others again.

With all this in mind, I am learning and accepting more and more that I have absolutely no control over anyone else. NONE! I will be held responsible for my actions, so it is my duty to care for myself and others – wearing my mask, washing my hands, and limiting my time in places with people. This virus could care less about your political views, or why you believe in natural cures, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, or vaccines. It can care less if you think you have the antibodies, or if you’re tired of staying home and want your freedom. It can care less if you think the government is trying to persecute you, and force you to learn a new way of communing with your church virtually. It’s not about you!

All I can do is pray for mercy for all those who care, do their absolute best, and are taking this seriously; for humility for those who don’t, and protection for all. These are my personal/up close observations, but if you don’t believe me, take a look at the covid Facebook Survivor Corps support group and read their stories.

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