Saturday: The Time in Between

Good Friday became good in hindsight. But imagine yourself in that time, and think about how you would have felt. Especially that Saturday! The time in between your hopes being shattered, and a miracle taking place. The day before the new season. I think about Joseph in the Bible. He had a God given vision of his future, and yet he endured pain, trial, and betrayal for 13 years. I wonder what grief and doubts he experienced. Then I wonder what his last day in prison was like. Joseph’s “Saturday”. He didn’t know his life would completely change the next day. He didn’t know the vision he had as a teenager would be fulfilled the very next day. I also think about the apostles, and what they were experiencing that Saturday after Jesus died. What now? Maybe we were wrong? Maybe we didn’t hear right? But they didn’t know their lives would completely change the next day.

Several years ago, I saw this quote, and it resonated with me: “Saturday must have been a long and dark day. Not only did they hide in fear for their lives, but even worse, they grieved deeply. Jesus was gone. His disciples had watched the soldiers carry him off to his execution the day before. Now it was Saturday, their master was dead and the grief cut deeply, leaving them utterly hollow. They had not signed up for this. Jesus was supposed to be the Messiah. He was supposed to lead them to victory over their oppressors. He was supposed to establish Israel as a strong nation once again and allow them to bask in the joy of sweet justice. Pain, grief, and sorrow were not part of the package…” Steve Thomason

So if you’re reading this, I just want to encourage you. For many of us around the world, this era of the COVID-19 pandemic is our Saturday. For many this is the in-between. Our hopes and dreams have been shattered, and we sit with grief and sorrow not knowing what’s to come. Things and relationships we once held dear are gone or drifting away.  Life does not make sense right now. Why does it feel like we are all being forced to simply be still? Life as we knew it  has changed, and continues to change; there is nothing we can do about it, and we feel helpless.

If you are doubting God’s calling on your life, if this season of pain and trial feels unbearable, keep holding on because there could soon be a Saturday in your season. The final day of your trial is coming. The day before the resurrection of your life, dreams, and hopes. It may be tomorrow, it may be a year from now, it may be 15 years from now, but it’s coming. Continue to trust God, and allow Him to keep building the character He needs you to have for your next season. Allow God to restore your soul as you are being made to lie down. Hope has not been completely deferred. Your desire will be fulfilled soon, and what a God glorifying day that will be!

Steve Thomason’s quote continues with this: “…Saturday was finally over. On Sunday the disciples came face to face with a reality that is deeper than grief. They met hope. Jesus plowed through pain and grief and came out the other side alive once more. Saturdays will come. Of that you can be sure. They will come and they will be painful. They may last a day; they may last twenty months. When they come, remember this – without Saturday we don’t get to Sunday. The love of Jesus is our hope for today and forever. We will grieve, but we can grieve with hope.”

Dare to hope while in your Saturday!

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