Live! Live Now!!

This week, I had (and still experiencing) an in your face reminder of how fragile life is. We literally can’t take anything or anyone for granted. I’ve always tried to encourage people to not wait until xyz before they live out the very specific purpose God placed in them…. stop waiting till you get enough money, when you get married, after the kids are grown, when you retire, etc. So many of us drag through life because we’ve given up on our dreams for the sake of being wealthy/“comfortable”. Getting rich & staying rich is not a purpose filled life. Live!! Live NOW!! 

I heard the quote below from 2 different people this week. Please read:

“The dash is what we see between the year someone was born & the year they died; the dash represents what they did with their life in between that day they entered the world and that day they died. The dash prompts us to ask, “How long did these people wait to really start living and making the most of the dreams, goals & gifts God had put inside them?” When I walked away from the graveyard that day, I was determined to seize the day—to live NOW. Every season, every year, every moment was valuable. I knew I needed a starting point—I have to intentionally begin living with this mindset NOW. It won’t be the easiest route to do always, but there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.“

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