“Your Skin is too Dark”


Our skin may be dark but our skin is lovely… Ladies, your lips may be full, and your hair might be tightly curled, but your presence can make a man freeze like an antelope in headlights. Your quiet strength can calm the rage of a rhinoceros.

To my dark skin brothers & sisters (regardless of your nationality), YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, and please believe it. If you grew up hearing any of the following:
– You’re too dark
– Your hair is too nappy
– Marry a different race so your kids can have lighter skin & “better” hair
– You’re pretty or handsome for a dark person
– You should use lightening cream (or soap)

Those are ALL lies. You are not simply a token. Your entire body is encased & preserved in one big beauty mark. When God knit you in your mother’s womb, He created a masterpiece and intentionally made you stand out from the crowd. And you were not only made to stand out, but your very being causes those around you to stand out too.

So don’t be ashamed! When you walk into a room & people stare, thank God for creating you so glorious & powerful!! Your skin may be a threat to some, but remember that royalty is not only intimidating, but often (secretly) admired. So walk with your head held high and BELIEVE who God says you are! 🖤🖤 #representationmatters #darkskinisbeautifultoo

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