Resist Conformity

• Why do we assume that those who kneel in protest aren’t kneeling in front of the cross?
• Have you actually looked up the entire/original lyrics to the star spangled banner?
• Why do we assume that the more money a person makes, the quieter they should be?
• Why are you so bothered about how much money people make, who are able to do things physically the majority of the world can’t begin to do?
• Why do we equate wanting change with a lack of gratitude?
• You are grateful for your house, but don’t you still make repairs & changes?
• Why is it disrespectful to kneel before the flag, but not disrespectful to wear the flag?
• Would you still be angry if people knelt to protest abortion?
• Why do we deflect to other non-related issues without addressing the one at hand?
• Don’t you hate when your kids do that?
• Let’s be subject to the governing authorities?
• What would have happened if Corrie Ten Boom submitted to the governing authorities?
• Where would we be today if Rosa Parks didn’t stay seated?
• Where would we be if Martin Luther King Jr didn’t protest?
• Where would we be without the North Carolina sit ins?
• Where would we be without the Little Rock 9?
• If we stayed subject to the governing authorities, “white only” signs would still dominate this country.
• Non-Catholic Christians, where would you be if Martin Luther didn’t protest?
• Where would we be if Jesus didn’t protest the hypocritical/man made pharisaic laws?
• With liberty & justice for all? Who’s all?
• What’s reeaallyy making you so uncomfortable?

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